A warm, brilliant sound of a trumpet swings through the air while among the audience the beam of the spot light stops on the man who fascinates and captures eyes and ears of his audience from the first moment on:

Lutz Kniep 


Playing the trumpet with virtuosity, brilliant sounds, a charming presentation, and extraordinary light effects delivered by following spotlights in a dark hall, and, if desired, stage fireworks that provide an atmosphere with goosebumps guaranteed!

The combination of songs of this extremely versatile artist is always tailored uniquely to every individual event and matches almost perfectly the most diverse conditions of the gala and event branch:


Ranging from world-class trumpet hits and songs that will go under your skin, select and delightful classic and romantic pieces, to pop and party songs that will carry away the audience.


Lutz Kniep always creates an amazing atmosphere and raises incredible applauses in every single show.


He is the highlight of any gala, company party, trade show evenings, etc.